Speak For Us

Speak for us
Speak for us — it’s fun and you’ll probably gain a ton of new friends/followers, experience, more!

We’re always looking for people to speak with our group. You don’t necessarily have to be an “expert” at programming, we love hearing from people at all walks of the journey (whether that be starting out as a beginner to making applications and websites with various frameworks to practicing for your next “TED” talk).

Use our group to platform yourself and build your own name, self worth and credibility. This is really the big appeal of becoming a speaker. Plenty of our past speakers and members have given talks while being somewhat junior or mid-level in their career to basically go on later to work at Fortune 500 companies. And hey — if you’re already somewhat of a bigshot, that’s still okay — giving back to the community is just as fulfilling too!

The only real requirement is that you have some courage to speak in front of others. (By the way we can help you with courage and speaking in front of others, so why not give public speaking a try?)

What sort of topics can I talk about?

This is totally up to you. We’d love to hear what you are working on, and how many hours you spent on XYZ project / curriculum / homework assignment / app on an iTunes/Android store, whatever. That said we can give you some ideas related to trends we see happening in our industry. Jump on our Discord to speak to us and get some ideas.

JavaScriptLA is in Los Angeles / Orange County – but I live outside that area.

That’s fine, if you ever find yourself able to make it down here, we’d love to have you speak. If you can share your availability with us (via info@javascriptla.net), we’ll work with you so it’s extremely convenient for you to speak with us. We’ve had speakers as famous as Douglas Crockford come fly in, get picked up, give a talk and be home in time for something else that weekend. Many of our big name speakers do that!

Prefer to not leave the office? We can Zoom/Hangout/livestream too!

Did you know you can also Zoom/Hangout/livestream with us? Our team has been recording and editing meetup videos for years and our production quality has only gotten better each time. Subscribe to our Youtube channel via https://youtube.com/hackbuddyorg, and just like you would work with us to arrange a meetup, we’ll arrange a zoom meeting, hangout or livestream (your choice) and get the word out about it through all our marketing channels. We often have people from as far as Europe wanting to connect and speak with our group via videos and livestreams. Talk about an international community!

I want to sell stuff too, is that okay? I provide workshops, books, videos, trainings, recruiting, etc.

Yes that’s perfectly fine, and many speakers and companies work with our group to promote their side hustles / big businesses. There are many ways to work with us, including sponsoring the group for ability to promote, as well as becoming an affiliate to our network, and / or even just drafting up your own terms on how you’d like to work with us and negotiating with our team. (How many other businesses can you work with that offer you that kind of flexibility?) .

Please note, you must first ask us for permission before you can start selling anything with our community. If not sure, please send an email to info@javascriptla.net and ask us about promoting before you do so within our community (even if you worked with us previously, and definitely if you’ve never talked to our admin team before). Not doing so will have your post treated as spam and prevent you from doing further business with us. Thank you for your understanding!

More Questions? Check our FAQ page for answers!