Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it free to attend a meetup? Also, is this group for experienced programmers only?

Yes, our meetups are free! Anyone can come to a meetup, regardless of programming experience. If you’re new, that’s not a big deal — everyone before you started off the same way (one way or another). Don’t feel worried if you don’t understand the topics presented, you can always talk to our volunteers and speakers after a meetup session to get help!

I’m still a newbie when it comes to programming. Can you offer me any advice?

Sure, check out this article I wrote on how to get started as a beginner. It will take you exactly through what all you need to do when you are first getting started. When you finish that article, check out my other blog post on what it feels like to be a programmer in 2020. Both articles should give you a sense of direction thereafter with how to proceed šŸ™‚

Can I bring the kids? (I am a kid, can I join this group?)

Yes, kids are welcome! Though our groups tend to be comprised mainly of adults, we always strive to ensure that our content remains PG/Family friendly. Many of our best developers have families, and are beginning to teach their little ones about coding. While this audience skews 18 and up, we do see teenagers and elementary school children in attendance with parents. So if you are under 18, we recommend you come with a parent/guardian figure (teachers are okay too!) so we can get their acceptance if you are to participate in any part of the events. Kids are the future, and at JavaScriptLA we believe in helping kids learn to code!

Are you online? Do you Zoom or Google Meet?

Yes, most definitely! Even though we are based in Southern California, we have people from all over the world checking us out and we regularly do meetups via Zoom and / or Google Meet. In addition, we have dozens and dozens of free video content on our Youtube channel, so even if you are not from the area, you can still subscribe to our videos there. You can also talk to us at anytime via our chat channels (Slack and Discord)!

In addition, we have books on Amazon, and followings on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack and Discord — whatever your favorite chat or social media platform, you can subscribe and get involved today — even if you live half a world away!

Do you offer workshops? How about bootcamps and / or mentorship?

If we offer workshops or bootcamps, usually they are in affiliation with one of our speakers or sponsoring agencies, so yes there is some cost associated. Usually we leave pricing to our speakers/sponsors. We do receive a commission for any workshops, bootcamps, or any other material offered through the group, and usually those commissions go towards maintaining the group.

Hi, Iā€™m new to your community. Can I post announcements to your Slack/Discord, forums, etc to promote my own business, someone else’s business, etc?

No. Please refrain from posting any announcements from other businesses and groups to our chat servers, forums, social media and any other platform that JavaScriptLA owns and operates. This includes any announcements about meetups, livestreams, events, books, videos, jobs, tutoring from other groups and/or businesses (essentially anything non-JavaScriptLA). You should first contact us via to let us know about your promotion so that it can be approved by our admin team. Not doing so will get your post treated as spam and removed, and repeat offenders will be blocked and prevented from further interacting with our community.

Why do I need to email you to post something? That’s too much work!

We ask that you first work with us to promote anything (even non-profit stuff) ā€” basically ask our permission before you start marketing to our group. Not doing so will most likely get you removed from the group as we do not like unwarranted solicitation/spam. If you have questions, please email us first before doing any advertising. 

How about blog posts, news articles from the web, memes and/or videos from shared video sites like YouTube, Twitch?

This kind of activity is OKAY with our community. You may share blog posts, videos, etc so long as the post is NOT any probable offensive material in direct violation of our Code of Conduct.

You also agree that you will NOT sell members of our community products and services from links to make money (e.g. use of affiliate links, clickbait, squeeze pages, etc). If you wish to advertise, please first contact us via If our moderators find you in violation of our rules, you will be immediately banned from the community (and or reported to local authorities as necessary if your activities were illegal).

I receive emails from JavaScriptLA. Why do you need to email me?

We use email primarily to keep a line of communication with our members, especially those interested in upcoming meetups, events, training sessions, books, videos and potential job opportunities. Many of our members ask us to help them get better at programming and to help them find employment. Because of this, we ask them to join the email mailing list.

Can I opt out?

Yes. If you do not want to be emailed, you can opt-out of our mailing list at anytime. We aren’t even going to hold it against you (in this day of clutter, we understand how you might want less notifications in your inbox and on your cell phone) — so all that said you can still get your updates by following us on our social media platforms as well. However, email is usually our preferred way of reaching out, especially if we decide we aren’t going to be using a particular social media platform at a future date. You can also always get updates by visiting this website and our Blog section.

Do you make money on emails? Why should I support your email efforts?

While we do make money through email marketing various promotions and offers from our group and sponsored partners, we will NEVER send you SPAM including hazardous links to offensive material. If you ever see something that looks like it came from JavaScriptLA or its partners, but seems a bit “fishy”, please do not open the links or attachments in the email. Always be careful when checking your email in general, and if it’s not something that was meant to be sent to you from us (you can cross-reference with this website), please DO NOT open it.

Finally if advertising bothers you, you can always opt-out as mentioned above, but please realize we use advertising to primarily fund our groups efforts and activities. Your support helps us continue to give you excellent meetups, events, training materials and more each month!

Do you sell my information? How do you use my information with your group?

While we do collect your email information through event signups, we do not sell your emails (or personal information) directly to advertisers/sponsors. Sponsors pay us instead for our meetup presence, and then have the right to collect your information directly from you when you walk in or sign up for their services (either in person or online).

Your personal information will NEVER be shared online (DOXXING), and we are always here to help you keep safe. Information about our members is kept offline or on servers that are not publicly accessible and have strong security standards in place (aka Google level).

Finally, we minimize the amount of information we need to collect from you for your own safety. We only collect basic marketing data, such as gender, age-range, interests and location (generic) so that we can make our meetups more available in your area. Any additional information through surveys is strictly voluntary, if you want to share more information with us (especially feedback) to improve the group, you are always welcome to do so.

We want you to feel like you have an ear with us. We respect you, and your privacy. As always, if you have any concern, feel free to message us via email or our chat channels.

I see you take pictures and video of members at your meetups. Can I not be in a photo/video or can you please remove me from photo/video?

Sure. No problem. That said, we always let everyone know each meetup or online meeting that they will be probably photographed or filmed before they RSVP. By actively RSVPing and participating in our events, members give us permission to photograph / film for marketing purposes.

We will never DIRECTLY take a picture of you without your permission, however if we are filming an event and you are in attendance as a participant, you may see yourself on film/photography. If you still want to be removed, let us know by email via and we will find a way to help you out. Thank you for your understanding and support!