The State of JavaScript Modules in 2020 w/Mejin Leechor

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How the Modules in JavaScript were in the Past and what we use now. In JavaScript, the word “modules” refers to small units of independent, reusable code. They are the foundation of many JavaScript design patterns and are critically necessary when building any non-trivial JavaScript-based application. One or more related modules may be organized into a JavaScript package.

About the Presenter:

Mejin Leechor is a software developer and consultant for VMware Pivotal Labs, where she works with enterprise clients to build modern apps for the web. She works on teams that practice extreme programming (XP), agile software development, and experimentation. She views software development as a human endeavor and strives to write code that is simple, expressive, and trustworthy. Aside from programming, her stay-at-home activities include vegetarian cooking and yoga classes on Zoom.


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