Team Hack! Meeting Up Tuesday May 11th @6:30 Pacific

🕹 Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while.  I hope you all are doing well despite all the problems going on in the world.  If you are up for it, I’d love to continue coding together via TeamHack.

Firstly, we probably need another meeting to get everyone back on the same page.  I think maybe this week might be too soon, so if you all are available next Tuesday, please RSVP via this Zoom Invite.

🤖 Agenda

There are some projects that our group is currently doing, including a Stock App and also maintaining the React Storybook.

You all are free to go through any of the issues and ideas on the project boards for both projects,  inspect the source code and make any pull requests as you like.  The idea here is that Team Hack allows you to contribute on your own time and at your own pace, so if you are ever NOT sure of what you should be doing, a good idea is to just look at discussions, issues, code quality and help out.

But that said, I think some people aren’t interested in those two projects — so I’d like to give everyone a chance to just speak freely about anything else on their mind.  Maybe we can build something else, or we can explore some new ideas that are a little more friendly to the level that our group is generally at.  We can also split up into smaller teams and build out separate implementations of projects (e.g. front, back, dev) so everyone has a chance to work on something they feel they have expertise in.  I’m open to whatever is suggested.

Finally, I think it’d be great to also occasionally pair program / whiteboard together if needed.  I’m not sure how this could be implemented, but I’d love to explore strategies with you all — maybe once a month we just invite everyone to do some coding challenges ranging from Leetcode to Design Patterns to System Design — so in that way we level up and are able to make our code much better with time.

Alright great, see you soon at the next Team Hack!

🤔 Note: If you do want to just message me today after reading this, you are certainly more than welcome to via Discord, and I’d also encourage you to chat with everyone on the channel #team-hack.

If you are new, please follow the directions here to get an invite to our Discord channel so that you can chat.



Team Hack Lead