Team Hack: Coding Together Open Source – First Meet


A Hacking Community to Build Awesome Stuff! By JavaScriptLA &

Team Hack! What is it?

Well for me, it’s actually my own personal way to get “better at coding”. I learned like most developers that are “self-taught” by studying tutorials, books and attending workshops/courses (either online or digital).

Unfortunately, there’s SO much stuff nowadays to learn — and everything feels “important”. At the same time at work, at least for me — I barely get to use the stuff I learned in books, videos and workshops because there’s always “fires” or other priorities that come first — so actual building of new cool stuff gets backlogged for months.

Then there’s the issue of trying to find a “better job”. Usually if I want to change jobs and look for something that pays better as well as is INTERESTING work using the latest technologies like React, Docker, etc, the barrier to entry is SUPER HIGH.

Without project experience, I’m sunk — well no more! That’s why I’m doing Team Hack. It’s the answer I think we’ve all been waiting for, help each other work on projects that are relevant to things going on in the REAL WORLD and help us get solid jobs sooner than later.

In addition, Team Hack can be even more — we can all use this space as a stepping stone to get into real open source development (Team Hack is easier to get into first, so practice your skills here, and then go pro!)

“Okay I’m in– so meetup Tuesday in two weeks right? What about the schedule — I can’t meet with you in LA or OC or wherever. Also I don’t want to meet up in person — given COVID-19.”

No Problem! Team Hack is 100% REMOTE. That means we do everything via video conferences with tech like Zoom or Google Meets, Github, chat apps like Slack/Discord. (You can use email too if you want lol.) However, everything will be organized and easy to follow. We’ll use Github Teams as our base and everyone will have the option of forking a repo and working through issues as determined by our group through meetings.

Meetings can either be online or Slack/Discord — and if you need a summary you can always get it later (cause I know some of you have kids/families). We can also integrate our issues into a Kanban board and calendar — HOW FANCY right? And that will give you a chance to really learn how to SCRUM and AGILE.

We’ll also do it just like the pros do — with unit testing and QA, as well as using cool services like AWS or Azure to get even more experience on those technologies. At the end of it all, you’ll feel like you’re worth a million bucks! Well, at least Sr Level Engineer money haha.

So let’s do it! I hope you’re as hyped as I am to do this — if you can do me a favor by also replying to the confirmation email and letting me know about you. Also let me know if I can reach you on Slack or Discord, as well as what you’re still interested in doing, your Github, social links and anything else relevant including your availability in general.