Stateful vs Stateless programming in JavaScript & Node.js w/Alex Roytman

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Hi JavaScriptLA Orange County fans, we are bringing you another event closer to you.

In this talk, we will use hands-on examples to explore two very different approaches to Web application development: Stateful and Stateless. We will use each approach to build a small database-driven business application.

You will discover that neither approach is perfect, so you must choose carefully. By attending this meetup session, you will learn which option is best for you based on the type of application you are building.

Bring your laptop and be sure to follow along =)

About the Presenter:

Alex Roytman is the founder and CEO of Profound Logic. He is a Node.js evangelist and educator who shares his knowledge at user groups and events around the world. His decades of experience and passion in the field of Web and Mobile development have led his company to create many popular modernization tools, win multiple awards for innovation, earn a patent for modernization technology, and gain over a thousand loyal customers in more than 50 countries.

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Sabio OC

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CA 92618

*Free parking at the Irvine Spectrum which is right across the street from SABIO campus!

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