No Server Data Visualization: Build a Bar Chart Race Data Project

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Create enticing animation of bars racing to the top! It’s a great way to visualize trends over time and are popular on social media.

Join the event and you’ll have an opportunity to enter two raffles for a $100 Amazon gift card each! Simply attend the event and take the post event survey.


What is a Bar Chart Race?

A Bar Chart Race is an animation of bars changing value over time. The order of the bars are changed as well leading to the “race” effect.


Who Is This Event For?

Interested in building a project to visualize your data into a Bar Chart Race?

This workshop will guide you through how to skip the bothersome tasks of server setups & constructing databases. Let’s go straight into building what we want to actually see on the screen.

Front-end developers who want to spend less time on the back-end infrastructure are welcome to join this workshop!



  • Use Kintone’s GUI to create databases (Kintone Apps)
  • Utilize the databases to store & manage data
  • Apply client-side JavaScript to visualize the database data as Bar Chart Race
  • Use Kintone’s REST API initiator to call REST APIs from client-side JavaScript



  • Free Kintone Developer License for your passion projects
  • Functioning Bar Chart Race generator
  • Experience developing on a low-code platform
  • Avoid CORS errors when calling REST APIs from client-side JavaScript
  • Directions for your future projects


Prerequisite – Sign up for Kintone!


Event Schedule (in Pacific Time)

  • 6:00 pm – Welcome!
  • 6:15pm – 7:45pm – Presentation & Workshop
  • 7:45pm – Q&A


About Kintone

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to easily share & collaborate on their data efficiently.

You can add JavaScript, CSS, &/or HTML to enhance the frontend UI/UX of a Kintone App. This can include features such as maps, buttons, and color-coding.

Read up on how to customize and develop on Kintone platform at


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