NFT hackathon by ETHGlobal

Connecting creatives with engineers to build a fair future.

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Moving things to the blockchain is no easy task and creators, engineers, and doers are finding novel ways to distribute, tokenize, and sell their digital work.

NFTs have come a long way from CryptoKitties and people are paying millions to own a part of the new internet. Whether art, music, digital land, or tradable planets — NFTs are becoming the zeitgeist of 2021.

We believe that magic happens when you match creators and artists to engineers and builders. Two builders of different sorts together can create a fair future for any who create.

At ETHGlobal, we’re building on the success of ETHOnline, HackMoney, and more than a dozen events to deliver a hackathon, summit, and celebration of this moment in NFT and blockchain history. Join us to create the new fair future.