Kintone Workshop: TypeScript x VITE x Medium API Workshop — Publish Articles With One Click!

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Learn how to set up a fully working customization from scratch for your writing team to create, review, and then publish directly to Medium with the click of a button!

Our live workshop will walk you through creating the Kintone app and TypeScript customization. We will also introduce the VITE setup and Medium API for publishing articles.

📎 Prerequisites

🤖 Clone the Workshop Repository!

This is the codebase that we will start the workshop from!

📂 Create a Kintone Subdomain (Database)

Apply for a developer license and subdomain. You can also read up on all things Kintone API & customization!

📝 Prepare a Medium Account

Create a Medium account, then visit Then click on the “Integration tokens” button to generate an API token.

🕒 Event Schedule (in Pacific Time)

6:00 PM – Hello

6:10 PM – Workshop Overview

6:30 PM – Kintone App Setup

7:00 PM – Coding the Medium API Publish Button

7:45 PM – Wrap Up and Q&A

8:00 PM – Thank you & Survey Raffle

What is VITE?

VITE is a Webpack alternative that aims to provide a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is JavaScript with strict syntactical superset! Essentially there are a lot more railgards in place to help large development teams built without conflict. We are using VITE to transpile our TypeScript into JavaScript.

⚙️ What is Kintone?

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to quickly & easily share and collaborate on their data.

You can add JavaScript, CSS, &/or HTML to enhance the front-end UI/UX of a Kintone App. This can include features such as maps, buttons, and color-coding.

Read up on how to customize and develop on the Kintone platform at