JavaScriptLA Summary: Angular and the Super Charged CLI w/Mark Thompson of Google

Hi all! Thank you to all those who attended our meetup today with Mark Thompson!  Special thank you to Mark for an excellent introduction and overview into Angular, how to rapid prototype with the CLI and all the tips and tricks!  Also special thank you to Minko Gechev, of Google who was also present to answer questions with Mark about the Angular framework — especially its advantages/disadvantages over other JS Frameworks like React and Vue.

Here are some take-aways from today’s meetup:

  • We watched Mark build an app using Angular and the Angular CLI, rapid prototype with commands like ng new (create new project), ng serve (to start a server), and ng generate <component> (to create a HTML,CSS and TS (aka TypeScript, or Typed JavaScript) structure for a Angular component)
  • Visit: for a list of CLI commands
  • Mark’s app is available via:

Through the use of the CLI, one of the great advantages is that the developer doesn’t need to waste time trying to remember what modules to import or include on a per file basis — contrast to React or Vue, where something like this is a bit more manual (without a CLI tool).   If there are hundreds of components in a project, one can see how the CLI tool would be very helpful in terms of saving time.

Some other takeaways:

  • Angular CLI can actually be used with popular static site generators like Gatsby & Next.js, as well as React, Vue (you can modify the build process)
  • Angular has End-To-End Unit Testing Built In:
  • If you are interested in Extensible Dev Tools, check out:
  • Angular is a full suite framework (batteries included), so you don’t need to worry about things like Routers, Services, Dependencies — where you would need to NPM / Yarn install those things with React. 
  • Server Side Rendering is supported
  • Service workers & PWA (Let us know if you want a follow up talk on this): ng add @angular/pwa

If you want to work at Google (or FAANG in general):

Mark’s Profile:

Minko’s Profile:

Vijay (Your Organizer):

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Next Meetup

Thanks again to everyone who came, and be sure to sign up for our next meetup on Sept 29 There will be two $100 Amazon gift card giveaways, so you definitely want to be there for the raffle, but also there for the knowledge — as that’s what really makes us the dinero (money) these days? Am I right 😉  

Further Questions?

If you have further questions for Mark and Minko, feel free to leave them here in the blog or reach out to us via Slack, Discord and email if you wish!