Intro to Javascript Blockchain Development w/Nick of

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Blockchain development is unreasonably complex, expensive, divided and exclusive. Nick from will introduce a way for JavaScript developers to build decentralized apps on any blockchain using familiar syntax. It’s faster, cheaper and more secure than how it’s done today with Solidity and TEA. It’s compatible with frontend languages like React, Vue & Go. Long are the days where you have to get investment, hire a PhD mathematician, hire rare blockchain developers, learn Solidity, request an audit and deploy a unique build for each environment. Best part? No need to learn a new language.

The Reach library is built with JavaScript syntax so it’s a linear move. You can build DApps as a 1-(wo)man show in no time!




About the Presenter:

Nick Stanford is an engineer at, Blockchain enthusiast and educator. He’s dedicated all of his time to learning Blockchain, REACH programming language, and all things Algorand.

Reach is a development platform for launching smarter blockchain projects in less time.

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