Hands-on workshop: Create, Build and Run a Serverless App w/David Nugent

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Serverless computing refers to a model where the existence of servers is entirely abstracted away. Even though servers exist, developers are relieved from the need to care about their operation. They are relieved from the need to worry about low-level infrastructural and operational details such as scalability, high-availability, infrastructure-security, and other details.

Serverless computing is essentially about reducing maintenance efforts to allow developers to quickly focus on developing code that adds value.

We will work through three labs in this session:

Lab1: Create, build, and run a cloud-native Node.js serverless app in less than 15 minutes

Lab2: Create, build, and run a cloud-native Python 3 serverless application that uses the Visual Recognition service to determine image content

Lab3: Create, build, and run three serverless functions as a sequence

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