Huh? Where’s Slack??

Hey there! So we’re a little busy redoing things — hence why you are seeing this page instead of our Slack channel.   We decided to move our people over to Discord instead because Discord allows unlimited messages and members (what is Discord?).    Slack hard caps at a certain number and since we’re already over 1100 people there, the experience is going to suffer more and more, mainly because messages will disappear faster and faster with more growth (check out this article from Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp as to why he quit Slack: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/so-yeah-we-tried-slack-and-we-deeply-regretted-it-391bcc714c81).

We basically want our users to have great experiences, and ones that we know we can also support financially.   Slack will continue to exist until it can’t for us, and at that point we hope we’ve moved over more of our members to following us both “officially” thru email / our social media, and then “unofficially” through community platforms like Discord (or something else).  We could theoretically keep Slack so long as it’s not a major expense, but at this time I’m pushing for migration.    We need about 90 days or so as well to clean up all our advertising and marketing messages.

Anyhow, long story short, subscribe to our newsletter on the right ( to stay updated about official announcements, new meetups, workshops and happenings), and if you want to chat with our members, use the invite link: https://discord.gg/sFHSVR5 to basically join us on the new chat channel :).   Remember, Discord is basically a new “community” channel for us, so that means you can hang out there with us and chat, so be sure to obey its community rules (and not use it as a place for advertising / recruiting).  If you want to advertise or recruit, please email us at info@javascriptla.net and we will help you get the word out.

See you soon!  Expect this website to also go thru more changes as we get time, so definitely bookmark this place if you want to stay up to date with JavaScriptLA!  Thanks!

Finally, you can officially follow us on the following channels:

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